Sample Questions

Kindergarten and 1st grade:

Easy: What is 3+1?

Medium: Jenny bought 3 apples. If Bob gave her two more apples, how many apples will she have in total?

Hard: How many 3’s do you have to count to get to 21?

2nd and 3rd Grade:

Easy: What is 3*(2+4)

Medium: If we add 5 to some number x, and get 20, what is x?

Hard: What is the absolute difference between the perimeter and the area of a square with side length s? Express your answer in terms of s.

4th and 5th Grade:

Easy: What is the average of 2,5, and 10?

Medium: A teacher divides her students into groups so there are at most 2 more boys than girls in each group. If there are 7 more boys than girls, what is the lowest number of groups the teacher can create?

Hard: On a number line, two different integers are each the same distance from my favorite integer. If their sum is 34, what is my favorite integer?