Contest #1

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the contest! Everyone did an amazing job, and I was very impressed by the results! The winners for the competition are below.

1st: Kashvi C. (Perfect score!)
2nd: Saanvi M. (Perfect score!)

1st: Riddhi T.
2nd: Ishita A.

1st: Drashaan J. (On top of solving the questions correctly, Drashaan also explained his solutions!)
2nd: Sriharsha P.

Honorable mentions:
Kshiti S. (got all correct and except one and going to 1st grade)  
Manya T. (got all correct and except one and going to Kindergarten)
Srihaas P. (going into 2nd grade, correctly solved one of the trickiest problems!)

Note: There were two people who got a perfect score for Kindergarten and First Grade. The first-place winner was decided based on the time the student took to complete the test.

K-1 Solutions

2-3 Solutions

4-5 Solutions