Our Team

Anay Aggarwal – Founder, Teacher of 4th and 5th Grade

Anay Aggarwal is from Portland, Oregon. He has always had a love for math. Anay has been in accelerated math programs from an early age, often multiple grades ahead of his grade level. He has won various math competitions such as NSF (North-South Foundation) and MathLeague through Best In Class(a perfect score 3 years in a row). He has made the honor roll in his first year taking the AMC 8. He managed to achieve a perfect score on the 2021 MATHCOUNTS Chapter Round, placing 1st out of 55 of the top students in his chapter. He created The Math Aces to spread his love for math and enable others to enjoy math as he does. His other hobbies include coding, playing lacrosse and basketball, and cubing.

Anamika Jain – Teacher of Kindergarten and First Grade

Anamika Jain lives in Oakland, California. She has a keen interest in math, and always enjoys learning new concepts. She is in the honors math class at her school. Anamika also participates in student leadership and chorale during the school year. Her hobbies include soccer, gymnastics, reading, and art.

Sohan Govindaraju – Teacher of 2nd and 3rd Grade

Sohan Govindaraju lives in Portland, Oregon. From a young age, Sohan has enjoyed math. He has consistently tested many grade levels ahead in math and in school, he takes accelerated math classes. His outstanding project for early leak detection placed very high in the NWSE science fair. His other achievements include podiuming in MathLeague, and taking his basketball team to 1st place in the district. He enjoys learning and expanding his knowledge of all subjects. Some hobbies that he enjoys are playing drums, chess, soccer, and basketball. Sohan has a passion for teaching and is looking forward to teaching math!